Modernite privilege card

MSOSA is pleased to announce the launch of the The Modernites Smart Card, a smart photo ID card for both Modern School Barakhamba Road and Vasant Vihar alumni. The Card will entitle the alumni to get daily access to use specified sporting and other facilities of both school at specified times. Details of the facilities, timings and terms will be announced from time to time. The Card will also entitle Modernites to discounts at select outlets and other establishments owned and managed by Modernites or others offering discounts. The card will incur an initial cost Rs. 1000 as a one time contribution to MSOSA corpus fund. Those wanting to offer discounts on the card, please write to modernites@msos­a.com



Modernite Alma Mater Store

This is an online brand for customized merchandise and alumni memorabilia for schools, colleges and companies.


Modernite Facebook Group

We maintain group in Facebook – Please do not hesitate to join group from us. (groups – msosa)